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Welcome to the website of the Ironfoot Fanedit of The Hobbit.


The Ironfoot Edition

My attempt has been to cut down The Hobbit films from three to two films  with an eye to good solid storytelling. I believe these films to be valuable gems suffering from bloated and boring scenes that bring down the entire narrative. I’ve cut only what I found unnecessary, unsatisfactory or needed to for coherence. My source material were the Extended Editions (with 5.1 surround sound to isolate dialogue or sound effects wherever needed) and the Official OST. I have some experience with editing and I’ve done my best to make my edits seem as flawless as possible and I hope I will have succeeded in making it impossible to tell what I’ve changed without knowing the source material. 

Intellectual Property

All three of the original Hobbit films are intellectual property of Peter Jackson, New Line Cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and WigNut Films. The changes made in my fan-edit do not transfer those rights to me. Therefore it is important to understand that any sharing of my fan-edit can only be done amongst people who own the source material, being: The Extended Editions of Hobbit trilogy on Bluray.


Dr Fontane

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